The Blossom Trail

Welcome to the Fresno County Blossom Trail!


This self-guided motor or bicycle tour through California’s heartland was created by the Greater Fresno Area Chamber Blossom Trail Committee to celebrate and feature the beauty of Fresno County’s agriculture and a few historical points of interest. Panoramas of orchards full of fruit trees alive with fragrance and bursting with blossoms await you. Enjoy!

Facts and Features

Blossom Season – The Blossom season begins toward the end of February and runs through April. For your greatest enjoyment, plan to visit during this time. Of course, you must com back in the fall to see the leaves changing color.

Photo & Art Opportunities – Local visitors may find their photo or painting selected as the winning entry in the annual art contests sponsored by the Greater Fresno Area Chamber of Commerce. Call them at 559-495-4800 for more information.

Trellised Trees – This unique growing technique for apples and stone fruit trees provides better light for the fruit. The result is a higher yield of tastier fruit.

Drip Irrigation – The thin black hoses you see stretching across the orchard from tree to tree are part of an effort by Fresno growers to conserve precious water supplies.

Busy Bees – Much of the beauty you will see is due to the bees in the orchards. Please stay out of their way.

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