Brehler Block


This exhibit is a replica of Sanger’s 7th Street circa the 1890’s and 1900’s. 7th Street was one of the early business blocks in Downtown Sanger.




The businesses displayed in this exhibit include:

The First National Bank of Sanger was founded in 1908. William M. Barr was Manager, and W.D. Mitchell the president. Earl Hudson got a job as janitor after he got out of high school, and in 1928 he became manager when Mr. Barr resigned. Most of the artifacts here were from John Olson’s collection from his grandfather, William Barr.

The first Post Office was commissioned in 1869 with Lee McLaughlin the first Post Master. This exhibit contains the original boxes with names from the old Post Office.

The General Merchandise Store represents the I.H. Jones and Son General Store, one of the early day Sanger Businesses, Isaac Jones was grandfather of Belle Quinn, who had a dress shop in Sanger for many years.

The Sanger Dutch Bakery was the only one of the original tenants to remain until the Brehler Block was condemned and torn down in 1986. The bread-slicer displayed here was a real novelty in the 1920’s and 30’s.


The Sanger Herald was established in 1889. It has had several different owners and the location has changed a number of times. On display are artifacts representing the Herald, including the Golden and Diamond Jubilee editions.